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OTR Earthmover

VEM 99

Extra Deep Tread Provides Longer Tyre Life

  • Standard depth & deep tread depth, double chevron FLUSH pattern
    Use of special composition for tread compound
    Large tread width design with aggressive pattern and strong casing
    Tread center region adequately supported with additional reinforcement
  • Self cleaning tyre with specially designed tread grooves to extract stone & mud for better traction
    Helps in cooler running of tyre & provides protection against cuts & bruises under severe conditions
    Good stability, excellent mileage and high load-carrying capacity
    Lesser heat generation due to reduced flexing of lugs
OTR Earthmover

VEM 045

Robust Tyre With Broad Lugs & Added Reinforcement At Lug Base For Mining Application

  • Tread pattern developed using high-end computational simulations
    New-age SILICA based dual tread compound
    Strong nylon construction with a high denier fabric
    Super connecting reinforcement at lug bottom in shoulder region
  • Excellent traction, flushing and contact pressure distribution
    Excellent cut-resistance and cooler running
    Excellent casing strength and reliability during impact
    Strong bead construction
    Lesser heat generation due to less flexing of lugs
OTR Earthmover

VEM 027

Tyre With Wider Contact Area & Higher Traction

  • Specially designed pattern using advanced FEA and simulation techniques
    Big and Broader lugs with higher Contact Area
    Special dual tread compound mix & heat resistance under tread
    Super strong nylon casing with closely packed cords
    Super strong beads
  • Good traction & improved FLUSH action, provides long service life
    Higher Initial Tread Mileage & optimized contact pressure distribution
    Cooler running & better cut resistance
    Good load carrying capability and casing reliability
    Excellent anchorage
OTR Earthmover


For Tippers/Mining/Logging

  • Extra deep smooth tread design
    Tough nylon casing
    Extra strong triple bead construction
    Wear resistant and low heat dissipating tread compound
  • Provides good handling and higher tread life.
    Good resistance to external damages
    Extra load carrying capability and excellent casing reliability
    Provides very good anchorage of tyre on rim and uniform pressure distribution all along bead and rim interference
    Cooler running and extra service life

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